"There is no greater energy system in the western psyche today than romantic love."   

-Psychologist Robert Johnson


People once looked to religion and spirituality for meaning, transcendence, ecstasy and wholeness.  Today, it is romantic love that is focused on to fulfill all of those needs. That is an incredible pressure to put on any one individual. It is no wonder that the relationships in our lives can become so difficult and cause so much pain.

When we experience painful events and the trust in our relationships seems compromised, it can feel as though the ground has been taken from under us.  The journey upward can feel  everlasting, steep and daunting. It takes courage to reach out and find support and an experienced therapist who can help restore your life.

We often hear from couples that are in despair and frightened that their relationship is beyond help. Their communications have broken down, trust has eroded and sex is almost nonexistent. Fundamentally strong couples also frequently reach out seeking support in facing a specific crisis or emotional space and want the aid of a professional.

Partners come into couples counseling or marriage counseling with a variety of issues to address including communication & conflict resolution, sexual & intimacy issues, fighting and anger problems, identity and role conflict, dependence vs. independence, religion, ethics and values, jealousy, parenting, infidelity, money and finances, addiction, family and in-law struggles, step family issues, gender roles, infertility / adoption, and many more.

Our work together creates movement towards helping build secure and fulfilling relationships integrated with awareness and presence.