Awaken. Shed. Strengthen. Embody.

Therapy is a meaningful choice. Self discovery can be intimidating. People who live in fear of personal revolution, never tap in to all that living presents in possibility. When you choose a therapist, you are inviting someone on a journey of interpersonal change. They both hear and see your story and tease apart your triumphs and struggles. The therapeutic alliance is robust and can have a profound impact on achieving personal growth. If one of our clinicians is not the correct fit for you, we are happy to help you find someone in the area who may better serve your needs.

Working one on one with a therapist is helpful and appropriate for many problem areas.  Clients will often initiate therapy when they are going through a life transition, experiencing grief, dealing with certain stressful situations in life, or seeking personal change and growth.   Individual therapy is the treatment of choice for anxiety, depression, or trauma.   The experienced therapists at Elemental Healing will offer each individual an assessment of their unique needs and therapeutic goals and then offer a breakdown of treatment that will support the work that needs to be accomplished.

We are looking at the whole person, not just his or her symptoms.  We incorporate the need to be present in and with your body in order to integrate all the elements of healing. Our team has training in assessing the body, mind and spirit, in order to understand what is affecting the person.  We see the person in the context of the systems and relationships in his or her life.  We are shaped and formed by family, culture and the world in which we live. Our thoughts and emotions are expressed and/or trapped in relation to body, mind and spirit. All elements must be integrated or there is disconnect and suffering. We want to help you integrate.

The result of this perspective is that one feels truly seen and heard.  Treatment is directed towards all parts of the person in order for the healing to be assessed and processed.  Elemental Healing.